Meet our work Portfolio


Parenting academies system

An amalgam between social sciences, education, and technology that could only be a reality when unifying the work of UNICEF, PANI, and Monkey Labs.The result, an incredible tool to potentiate the Parenting academies.

Web site of CAPRIS Diagnostika

The development of a website ,under the demanding standards of a company that knows what quality is, led us to challenge performance limits to the maximum for Diagnostika site.

Online sales for Go Dry.

Monkey Labs provides a technological rejuvenation to Go Dry, with a more modern, more attractive and more fresh virtual image.

Win with Huggies

For Kimberly Clark all their campaigns must be of high impact, that is why they ask us for this platform totally customized of video management, that has nothing to envy to sites dedicated to high performance.

Win with Johnnie Walker.

The icon of progress and perseverance, Johnnie Walker shows us that not all is work.When they request us an amusing game in which one pretends to be a bartender serving this famous spirit on your iPad.

Hangman game

Kombiglyze and Monkey Labs bring to life a great classic game that we all know,the hangman.

Page for BN Valores

Hosting a technical support to ensure the strength and safety of the National Bank site BN Valores.

Reservation site and social networks

Consultancy and maintenance of the reservation system, that eventually evolved influencing the management of social networks and even collaboration with graphic design.


American Idol

Working under pressure is an understatement when you give support to a real-time voting app for one of the most famous shows at the time. So don't worry we can handle it.

NatGeo TV

High quality standards are breakfast, lunch and dinner when working for one of the heavyweights of entertainment. We'll never let down.


Challenges come in many forms, definitely working in an app that gets tested in the TV show "Shipping Wars" isn't one to be underestimated. We enjoy challenges, they've shaped us into the monkeys we're today.